Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday gift exchange in Romancelandia #19

Okay, holiday gift exchange becoming somewhat random.
Hey! Kate Rothwell has posted the next exciting installment of the Baby Food Baron saga - the rollicking Chapter 7 !
If you haven't been following, start here.


Tracy said...

Always a good thing to help with - info on ereaders! :) Another wonderful cartoon CJ! You're so creative!

KT Grant said...

Good one!! :D

Jane said...

that's so awesome. I think you should do a cartoon of the Billionaire's Baby Food Tycoon's story (I forget the actual title).

little alys said...

Ahahahahahah! I second Jane's comment. Maybe what Niko gives Cesaer and Molly gives Charity?

Or just us to them. Them to us. I love all of these. :D

Kate said...

I love today's gift. Love it.